For the past several years men of all ages have been increasingly bombarded by ads from big pharmaceutical companies touting medications that address “Low T” (low testosterone) levels. Television ads, full-page spreads in magazines, billboards and ads on webpages all scream out the same seductive message that taking a Low T medication will improve your sex life. The truth of the effects of these drugs is sadly different from the happy couples draped all over media outlets in the country. Officially Low T medications such as AndroGel are used to treat delayed onset of puberty and hypogonadism. In 2012 a group of doctors and researchers “complained to the independent Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board in Canada that an AndroGel campaign harmed public health by promoting unapproved uses and implying exaggerated effectiveness” according to an article in Forbes magazine.

According to the same article in Forbes, the Consolidated Research group analyzed information gathered by Truven Health Analytics, a company that compiles patient information, and found that the risk of suffering a heart attack for men under 65 with a history of heart disease who used Low T products is actually DOUBLE relative to those who used Cialis or Viagra.

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