In response to a Freedom of Information Act request (“FOIA”), the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) produced thousands of documents to the Levensten Law Firm regarding AndroGel, the prescription testosterone supplement marketed by AbbVie. The FDA Adverse Event Reports (“FAERS”) contained in the FOIA production show that between the years of of 2002 – 2013, there were an approximate 44 pulmonary embolisms, 42 heart attacks, 18 Cerebral Vascular Accidents, and 12 deaths, among other injuries, reported for men taking AndroGel during that time frame. We believe these documents are the tip of the iceberg, and we’re trying to quickly get these documents out to the public to inform current prescription testosterone users and those considering use of the medication. The documents can be accessed at no charge at the following link:

The Levensten Law Firm is also making the FDA FOIA documents, along with the AndroGelTM label, medication guide, and recent studies, available to the public at no charge on

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