Some people are familiar with Androgel through use of the product, however the majority of the population likely is familiar with it by means of the aggressive advertising campaigns that have pushed the product. For those that are not familiar with it, Androgel is a product that is supposed to help men — that have trouble producing enough testosterone on their own — produce testosterone.

However, it has been raising quite a few eyebrows lately since some advertisers have taken it upon themselves to market the product for certain off-label uses which is incredibly dangerous.

Here are the main possible health ramifications of off-label use of Androgel:

1. Heart attack

The drug itself comes with side effects, like most drugs. One of those side effects is a potential increase in risk of heart attack. While a rise in heart attack risk is never a good thing, it is one thing if the cause of the rise is for a legitimate purpose, but its another when it is for an alternative one. Further, certain off-label use fails to acknowledge that people without testosterone issues are even more likely to see a heart attack result from incorrect use.

2. Strokes

Much like the issue with increase in heart attack, potentiality comes an increase in potential for one to fall victim to a stroke. Seeking peripheral benefits of having additional testosterone — such as an increased sex drive — causes a person to have too much of it, and a stroke is one of the unfortunate ends to such irresponsible use of an incredibly powerful drug.

If you were a victim of Androgel or Axiron off-label low T marketing and want people to answer for their sleazy sales tactics, please feel free to contact the Levensten Law Firm to learn how to protect your rights to compensation.